Needle felting a cat using cat hair

Inspired by the book Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat, I am using my cat’s hair to try out this interesting needle felting technique. The book is fun to read even though you don’t plan to needle felt anything, it contains step-by-step instructions to projects with various difficulties, like small tote bag, book cover and drawing. Today I am trying out the little puppet that shown in the book cover, took me an hour from start to finish, excluding brushing your cat and collecting the necessary tools. I got my felt needle and some extra cashmere (like the white color) from Etsy.

After 3 or 4 steps, the puppet is almost done.

Finished! This is the back side of the puppet. Since I have more cat hair left, so I needle felted a small ball too.

When my cat meet with the puppet, she smells it, bites it and hugs it.


One thought on “Needle felting a cat using cat hair

  1. This is cool. did you need the white cashmere? Was it different and more helpful from your cat’s white hair? I have the book in my wish list but have read that you need other materials for projects too (and there’s no “Look Inside” feature to get a good feel for the projects), and I feel like a lot of these types of projects could be done virtually solely with cat hair. And I’m cheap. 🙂

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