Can you really earn some money from online survey?

One way I found can save me some pocket money is doing online survey. Out of many I have signed up to, only two sites really give me   reward points that really can redeem usual products or services. I am not going to disclose the names of those that I found not useful, but some survey companies rewards you chances to their lucky draw or with points that are so little, take you forever to redeem some useful things. By saying useful, I really mean something you are already using in daily life, like Startbucks card, Hertz,  Shell car wash, hotel points etc.

The first site that I really like is the, however, to join in their program need invitation and I don’t have any invitation to give out. Their surveys are very reasonably rewarded, like 20 mins for $5. Usually for each survey, there are a few preliminary questions to see if you are qualified to such survey, it takes about 2-3 mins max, and even you are not qualified, they give partial credit to your account to acknowledge your input. Below is a picture of the several rewards that you can redeem from

Screenshot of

Another site that was once my favourite was the, but since airmiles launch the cash rewards system, they no longer carry the Shell car wash voucher or the fuel certificate, I found it more difficult to accumulate enough points than before to redeem these two products.

Screenshot of


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