Google Nexus 7 won’t power on – Symptoms, solution and prevention


Did your Google Nexus 7 experienced don’t turn on even you have been charging it for hours? and while charging, there is no icon showing up in the screen too? And are you thinking either the cable or the connection cable or even the tablet has been broken? Are you considering a return to Google for repair? Then wait a sec. Try the following easy method before going any further.


Press and hold the power button for at least 1 minute.

Likely cause:

This is to reboot the tablet and should solve the problem for most people. My hypothesis is just like the laptop computer, if you leave your machine in standby mode but drain out of battery completely, you will be prompt to the Windows safe mode next time when you plug in the power supply. Similarly, if you leave your Nexus 7 in standby mode for days but not connecting it to the power, all the power will be drained. But your Nexus 7 is in standby mode where there are many programs still running behind, and unlike the setting in Microsoft Windows, instead of going to the safe mode in the Android Jelly Bean, we will need a manual reboot of the tablet.


I have no idea how much effect will be negatively imposed to the lifespan of your Nexus 7 if the tablet need frequent reboot like this. Somehow it also indicate the battery charging-discharging cycle is not idea. To keep your tablet last long and be portable for years, it is best to power off the machine when you are done in the day and charge it before completely drain. There are good battery monitoring apps in the market that can help too.


3 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 won’t power on – Symptoms, solution and prevention

  1. Thank you for this information about my Nexus 7. It would not power up and I did just as you said about holding the power button for one minute and I was very happy that this solved my problem. Thank you again Beverly

  2. I turn on my 7 & up comes the word Google then the coloured x appears & just stays there. I have tried holding the power button for a minute & it the screen goes blank then the Google appears followed by the coloured x. Any body have similar problem or solution

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