How to access, Hulu and Pandora in Canada

The Canadian version of Netflix has a much smaller collections than the US version, but with a subscription in do actually gives you access to if your ip address is in the state. Having said that means you can enjoy movies on with a Canadian subscription even though physically you are in Canada only if you have a US ip address.

With more and more streaming services available only to US but not Canada, like Pandora (a free online music streaming service) and Hulu (with most up-to-date TV episodes and show), I would like to explore a way to enjoy these online streaming services in an easy and legal way.

An easy way always comes with a price, especially when you want to do it legally. My plain solution is to get a US ip address for my computer, and I use VPN to do it. It costs me around $7 per month when subscribed for a year, which includes two simultaneous connections but unlimited installation of their software in any computer, Mac or PC, even Apple & Android. It is actually safer when surfing the internet with a VPN service in terms of identity protection and sensitive data transfer. I personally am very happy with this VPN company, all those online streaming services work like a charm. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the Canadian version. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the Canadian version. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the US version. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the US version.

Google Nexus 7 won’t power on – Symptoms, solution and prevention


Did your Google Nexus 7 experienced don’t turn on even you have been charging it for hours? and while charging, there is no icon showing up in the screen too? And are you thinking either the cable or the connection cable or even the tablet has been broken? Are you considering a return to Google for repair? Then wait a sec. Try the following easy method before going any further. Continue reading

Case for Google Nexus 7

I have been waiting for Google releasing the official case for Nexus 7 in Canada for months but seems they are not going to sell it here. So my tablet is basically caseless with no protection if I bring it on the go. Those cases selling in Indigo or Chapters for Kindle Fire are actually a good size to the Nexus 7 but comes with a stiff price (like $30) and a not so attractive look.

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How to import and read e-books in Nexus 7

I was a bit confused when the Nexus 7 failed to take my huge e-book collection into its e-book reader during my first attempt. The default e-book reader, Play Books, doesn’t take any e-book acquired outside Google Play. Below is my way to import my e-books collection in epub format, the application I used is Moon+ Reader which I found is highly customizable and has a very user-friendly interface.

Instructions of importing epub e-books to Moon+ Reader:

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