Fondue Folie in Sherbrooke

In case you are travelling in Quebec, you gotta try the Quebec style fondue. It listed third on my MUST-EAT list after the famous smoke meat and poutine. The Fondue Folie in Sherbrooke is a restaurant speciality in fondue food, from starter to desert with a reasonable wide range of choices in their menu. I highly recommend you make a reservation for your dinner because the restaurant is quite fully booked, yet you can try your luck if you come really early, like before 6pm. And do spare yourself at least two good hour to enjoy the dinner.

Fondu Folie in Sherbrooke

The decoration is so warm and comfortable

2 thoughts on “Fondue Folie in Sherbrooke

  1. This looks like it would be a great place to eat out. I’m just up the road in Windsor so I’ll have to take the family there one of these days.

    • Indeed it was a great place for fondue lover. They served a variety of meats and seafood in different kinds of fondue base, like meat broth, cheese and chocolate. Do make reservation or come super early for a table. Hope you like it too.

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