Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Data Fundamentals

Six modules divided into two days

Day 1

Lesson 1:

What is data? Entities that have one or more attributes, structured, semi-structured and unstructured (binary files, image, audio files etc)

Relational DB: DDL, DCL, DML

Azure service for relational DB and non-relational DB

My AI learning Journey: Day 2

Today’s learning module: Learning Path: Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals: Get started with artificial intelligence

Capabilities: Generating natural language, generating code, and generating images (E.g. Azure OpenAI Service, ChatGPT and DALL-E)

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Generative AI

It is a bit confusing to me that Azure is free for 12 months and is open to everyone, but access to Azure OpenAI is meant for enterprise only and needs an application to use the Azure AI studio.

Starting my Microsoft AI learning journey

Just a record of me that today I start my journey in self-learning AI.

First-day lesson: Free sign up

Applications of AI: help blind people “see the world” using computer vision (Apps: Seeing AI) and help farmers adapt to climate change in their farming routine by machine learning (Apps: Yields); I guess incorporating knowledge mining (e.g. Azure cognitive search may be helpful too.

anomaly detection and natural language processing (e.g. Starship Commander)

I find the learning module that discusses the challenges and risks of AI, as well as its responsible usage, to be particularly intriguing.

The 6 principles of responsible usage: Fairness (e.g. non-bias loan model regardless of ethnicity, gender etc), reliability and safety (e.g. cause no harm to humans life), privacy and security (e.g. data origin & lineage, data use external or internal), inclusiveness (e.g. bring benefits to all parts of society), transparency (e.g. understandable model and limitation), and accountability (e.g. facial recognization systems meet ethical and legal standards).

My commitment: 1 hr daily in watching/reading the website and taking notes here on the fly.

My expectations for the first month of learning are: Understand the basic of AI and get a slightly more precise idea of what Azure is. In the meantime, I want to brush up on my writing skills.

Day 1 – 30 days minimalism challenge

Inspired by this minimalism website and the post about Fumio Sasaki, I’m taking up the 30 days minimalism challenge because I feel so guilty that own so much stuff but mostly are not needed like this cosmetic storage box. 

I have several boxes to hold my cosmetic products and samples but seems I don’t have the habit to finish the bottle before buying a second one with similar functions. So in this 30 days minimalism challenge, I’m going to start from decluttering my cosmetic products.

Here comes my day 1 item – a gold mask sampler given by my sis-in-law, probably 2 years ago. It actually is a good mask that hydrate my skin and leave a temporary glow in my face. I’m happy that one item has been out from my clutter so easily. IMG_2251

Sweet chinese dessert with Eggnog

For those who is hesitate to consume eggnog because of the raw egg ingredient or having too much left over of eggnog after party, here is a super easy recipe to prepare an impressive Chinese dessert in 15 minutes using eggnog.

What you need is eggnog and an egg, plus the help of a steamer. Beat the egg in a bowl and pour eggnog to the top of the bowl, covered with aluminium foil or plastic sheet and steamed for 15 minutes. No extra sugar is needed, but the egg is needed otherwise only the eggnog cannot be solidify. The outcome is something very similar to a traditional Chinese sweet dessert – steamed egg, very silky and smooth texture after all.

Quebec Eggnog - Lait de poule

Quebec Eggnog – Lait de poule

Before steaming

Before steaming

After 15 mins of steaming, super silky and smooth texture of sweet steam egg is ready.

After 15 mins of steaming, super silky and smooth texture of sweet steam egg is ready.

How to access, Hulu and Pandora in Canada

The Canadian version of Netflix has a much smaller collections than the US version, but with a subscription in do actually gives you access to if your ip address is in the state. Having said that means you can enjoy movies on with a Canadian subscription even though physically you are in Canada only if you have a US ip address.

With more and more streaming services available only to US but not Canada, like Pandora (a free online music streaming service) and Hulu (with most up-to-date TV episodes and show), I would like to explore a way to enjoy these online streaming services in an easy and legal way.

An easy way always comes with a price, especially when you want to do it legally. My plain solution is to get a US ip address for my computer, and I use VPN to do it. It costs me around $7 per month when subscribed for a year, which includes two simultaneous connections but unlimited installation of their software in any computer, Mac or PC, even Apple & Android. It is actually safer when surfing the internet with a VPN service in terms of identity protection and sensitive data transfer. I personally am very happy with this VPN company, all those online streaming services work like a charm. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the Canadian version. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the Canadian version. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the US version. new arrivals as of Jan 4th 2013, the US version.

My two favourite documentary films in NETFLIX Canada – 2012

Super Size Me (2004) –  A true man show demonstrating what happened to his body and emotion when he eat only McDonald’s 3 time a day for a month. We all know that fast food doesn’t intend to be taken in every meal and everyday. But at the end of the show, they interviewed around 100 nutritionists over the phone and most of them suggested that you should never east fast food, especially for kids, because these type of foods are loaded with ingredients that will make you addicted and attached to. Really, everyone should watch it, parents, teenagers or grandparents. It really makes me more aware of the food I eat. It is the best documentaries I have seen in this year.

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) – A documentary about the history of the electric car – car uses only battery which was once very popular in California. It is pathetic to see the fate of these electric cars being crushed and shredded in a junk yard, even some are perfectly functioning. The presence of EV-1 proved to us that despite the technology and consumers were there, there is not much we as a end user can do to stop the giant company’s’ stupid decision.

French Verbes Conjugaison – Primaire groupe et deuxième groupe

I made these little tables to help in remembering the French conjugation of the primary and secondary groups verbs. There is always exception in French, but still there is a kind of pattern there. I try to put those verbs in exception but with a pattern in the same table, hope you will find this post useful.

 1er Groupe – ER

  Parler Aimer
Je/J’ Parle Aime
Tu Parles Aimes
Elle/Il/On Parle Aime
Nous Parlons Aimons
Vous Parlez Aimez
Elles/Ils Parlent Aiment

Spéciaux 1er Groupe

  Manger Voyager
Je Mange Voyage
Tu Manges Voyages
Elle/Il/On Mange Voyage
Nous Mangeons Voyageons
Vous Mangez Voyagez
Elles/Ils Mangent Voyagent


  Appeler Jeter
J’/Je Appelle Jette
Tu Appelles Jettes
Elle/Il/On Appelle Jette
Nous Appelons Jetons
Vous Appelez Jetez
Elles/Ils Appellent Jettent


  Envoyer Nettoyer
J’/Je Envoie Nettoie
Tu Envoies Nettoies
Elle/Il/On Envoie Nettoie
Nous Envoyons Nettoyons
Vous Envoyez Nettoyez
Elles/Ils Envoient Nettoient


  Acheter Préférer
J’/Je Achète Préfère
Tu Achètes Préfères
Elle/Il/On Achète Préfère
Nous Achetons Préférons
Vous Achetez Préférez
Elles/Ils Achètent Préfèrent


Je Commence
Tu Commences
Elle/Il/On Commence
Nous Commençons
Vous Commencez
Elles/Ils Commencent

 2e Groupe – IR

  Finir Choisir
Je Finis Choisis
Tu Finis Choisis
Elle/Il/On Finit Choisit
Nous Finissons Choisissons
Vous Finissez Choisissez
Elles/Ils Finissent Choisissent

Plus de verbes : Réussir, grandir, maigrir et grossir

Fondue Folie in Sherbrooke

In case you are travelling in Quebec, you gotta try the Quebec style fondue. It listed third on my MUST-EAT list after the famous smoke meat and poutine. The Fondue Folie in Sherbrooke is a restaurant speciality in fondue food, from starter to desert with a reasonable wide range of choices in their menu. I highly recommend you make a reservation for your dinner because the restaurant is quite fully booked, yet you can try your luck if you come really early, like before 6pm. And do spare yourself at least two good hour to enjoy the dinner.

Fondu Folie in Sherbrooke

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Google Nexus 7 won’t power on – Symptoms, solution and prevention


Did your Google Nexus 7 experienced don’t turn on even you have been charging it for hours? and while charging, there is no icon showing up in the screen too? And are you thinking either the cable or the connection cable or even the tablet has been broken? Are you considering a return to Google for repair? Then wait a sec. Try the following easy method before going any further. Continue reading