My two favourite documentary films in NETFLIX Canada – 2012

Super Size Me (2004) –  A true man show demonstrating what happened to his body and emotion when he eat only McDonald’s 3 time a day for a month. We all know that fast food doesn’t intend to be taken in every meal and everyday. But at the end of the show, they interviewed around 100 nutritionists over the phone and most of them suggested that you should never east fast food, especially for kids, because these type of foods are loaded with ingredients that will make you addicted and attached to. Really, everyone should watch it, parents, teenagers or grandparents. It really makes me more aware of the food I eat. It is the best documentaries I have seen in this year.

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) – A documentary about the history of the electric car – car uses only battery which was once very popular in California. It is pathetic to see the fate of these electric cars being crushed and shredded in a junk yard, even some are perfectly functioning. The presence of EV-1 proved to us that despite the technology and consumers were there, there is not much we as a end user can do to stop the giant company’s’ stupid decision.