How to import and read e-books in Nexus 7

I was a bit confused when the Nexus 7 failed to take my huge e-book collection into its e-book reader during my first attempt. The default e-book reader, Play Books, doesn’t take any e-book acquired outside Google Play. Below is my way to import my e-books collection in epub format, the application I used is Moon+ Reader which I found is highly customizable and has a very user-friendly interface.

Instructions of importing epub e-books to Moon+ Reader:

1. Connect Nexus with a computer using a USB cable.
2. Locate the nexus device in your computer, you should be able to see a folder that contain several sub-folders, one of which is “Download”.
3. Copy and paste your e-Books from computer to the “Download” folder in your nexus.
4. Disconnect the device from the computer.
5. Download the application Moon+ Reader in Google Play.
6. Open the reader, click on the three dashed icon on the upper right hand side to access the reader setting, select “option”.

7. Inside option, under “APP”, select “Main Folder”, the path should read “/sdcard/Download”, change to this if it is not the case.

8. Inside option, under “My Shelf”, click on “Import book”, select the appropriate formats of your eBook and it should start scanning your books and importing them to this reader.

9. Go back to “My Shelf” on the upper left hand corner to enjoy your collection!

If you are looking for a case to protect your Nexus 7 but couldn’t get the official one, check on my other post here. I got a very decent one under $10.

8 thoughts on “How to import and read e-books in Nexus 7

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Very Helpful! I bought all my books through ibooks on the iphone and I thought I would have to buy all the books again once I got the nexus 7

    • Sorry I hit enter by mistake. Can I just say that this has been very helpful and that I am SO happy I found this. I bought all my books through ibooks on the iPhone and recently acquired the Nexus 7 . I thought I was going to have to buy all my books again

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