Preparing the mother for a living tea – Kombucha scoby preparation

After researching even just a few informations about Kombucha, I have already fallen in love with its amazing “living” nature and the easiness of preparing one by yourself. There are bunches of recipes available on the web, but few sources mentioned about where to get the Kombucha scoby locally. Scoby, also thought as the “mother” of the Kombucha culture. There are a few online stores that sell a Kombucha Starter kit that include the glass container, the ingredients and also the Kombucha culture. For that, one can proceed with the fermentation process right away without preparing the scoby, which usually take a week to two. For person like me who want to have more control and fun with the preparation process, I decided to go in a slow and inexpensive way. In a recent visit to an organic food store, I bought the Rise Kombucha which has four favours. A detailed receipt has been put on the Rise Kombucha website.

Rise Kombucha

White tea – Ginger

Day 4

At day 4, a very thin film of culture was formed on the surface, and more brown sediments were found at the bottom of the glass container.

Day 6

Day 8

A week passed, the white film of culture is getting thicker, but not thick enough to be a healthy scoby. For that I decided to wait one more week to obtain a smooth and thicker scoby for preparing my very own home brewed Kombucha.

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