Case for Google Nexus 7

I have been waiting for Google releasing the official case for Nexus 7 in Canada for months but seems they are not going to sell it here. So my tablet is basically caseless with no protection if I bring it on the go. Those cases selling in Indigo or Chapters for Kindle Fire are actually a good size to the Nexus 7 but comes with a stiff price (like $30) and a not so attractive look.

After looking around in stores and online shops for a while, I found this case from DealExtreme which cost only $10, shipping fee included and no tax or brokerage fee to Canada and the States. I have bought several things from DealExtreme before due to their very low price but reasonable quality. The only complaint is the long shipping time, like 2 to 3 weeks.

OK, here comes with the photos:

The packaging

“Google Nexus 7” pressed at the corner of the case

The back interior side that touches the Nexus 7, the material is soft and smooth.

All the plastic rims are trimmed and flushed, the tablet fit perfectly with the case. You don’t even have to push the tablet in, just slide it into the case.

Side view – see how fit the case is

The bottom side view

The back of the case, see the pre-cut space for the speaker. Unlike the other cases for Kindle Fire, the speaker of Nexus 7 is not covered by the case.

Flipping the cover to the back can make the case act like a stand, give you a small inclined angle when using the tablet on the desk or your lap.

A small inclined angle means a lot easier on your wrist.

To get this case, click here. And this is for the same style in BLACK color.

Another feature worth to mention is that the case cover has a hidden magnet, which make the it acts like the smart cover for IPad. So if your tablet is in standby mode and you open the cover, the screen will be on, and when you close the cover, the screen will be off. Take a look in Dealextreme, as it also carries a selection of IPhone 5 cases in $2- $4 dollars range.


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