So after a few more times brewing of Kombucha….

After a few more times brewing Kombucha, I managed to get a thicker Kombucha culture, around 0.5cm, that give me nicely fermented tea in 5 days. But yes, I am making like 2L max each time, not a lot of liquid to start with.

Close up of the Kombucha culture

Harvesting the culture from the fermented tea and starting a new batch. Notice the culture is getting a bit more reddish than my scoby, because I have switched the tea from white/green tea to the black tea. After a few more times of fermentation with this black tea (Oolong tea), the culture start picking up the color. I prefer the black tea more than the white/green tea as this give me a stronger tea taste even after the fermentation.

Top to bottom, left to right: Brown sugar dissolved in hot water, fermented tea from last batch, Kombucha culture, Oolong tea bag from Twining.

Ready for fermentation

Kombucha culture is more reddish after a few times of fermentation using black tea

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