So after a few more times brewing of Kombucha….

After a few more times brewing Kombucha, I managed to get a thicker Kombucha culture, around 0.5cm, that give me nicely fermented tea in 5 days. But yes, I am making like 2L max each time, not a lot of liquid to start with.

Close up of the Kombucha culture

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Making of Kombucha – Fermentation using a home-made scoby

After almost two weeks in preparing a kombucha scoby from a commercial bottled Kombucha, I obtained a very smooth, pale yellow scoby to start my very own home brewed Kombucha. I used Twinings’s White tea and Dutch Baby’s glucose as my tea base for the fermentation process.

My first Kombucha scoby

To see the making process, please click Making of Kombucha tea which is a video posted on YouTube, featuring photos of various steps during my preparation of Kombucha.