Making of Kombucha – Fermentation using a home-made scoby

After almost two weeks in preparing a kombucha scoby from a commercial bottled Kombucha, I obtained a very smooth, pale yellow scoby to start my very own home brewed Kombucha. I used Twinings’s White tea and Dutch Baby’s glucose as my tea base for the fermentation process.

My first Kombucha scoby

To see the making process, please click Making of Kombucha tea which is a video posted on YouTube, featuring photos of various steps during my preparation of Kombucha.

Preparing the mother for a living tea – Kombucha scoby preparation

After researching even just a few informations about Kombucha, I have already fallen in love with its amazing “living” nature and the easiness of preparing one by yourself. There are bunches of recipes available on the web, but few sources mentioned about where to get the Kombucha scoby locally. Scoby, also thought as the “mother” of the Kombucha culture. There are a few online stores that sell a Kombucha Starter kit that include the glass container, the ingredients and also the Kombucha culture. For that, one can proceed with the fermentation process right away without preparing the scoby, which usually take a week to two. For person like me who want to have more control and fun with the preparation process, I decided to go in a slow and inexpensive way. In a recent visit to an organic food store, I bought the Rise Kombucha which has four favours. A detailed receipt has been put on the Rise Kombucha website.

Rise Kombucha

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How to import and read e-books in Nexus 7

I was a bit confused when the Nexus 7 failed to take my huge e-book collection into its e-book reader during my first attempt. The default e-book reader, Play Books, doesn’t take any e-book acquired outside Google Play. Below is my way to import my e-books collection in epub format, the application I used is Moon+ Reader which I found is highly customizable and has a very user-friendly interface.

Instructions of importing epub e-books to Moon+ Reader:

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How to deter wasp bee in your garden,naturally!

First, if there is a wasp nest near your house, call an extermination company to get rid of it, do not do it yourself unless you are taking strict precautions and protections as wasp can be very defensive and wasp stings can cause serious medical problems or even death. 

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