Ordering Google Nexus 7 to Canada, brokerage fee and duties to UPS?

Although I did place the order to Google Canada, I noticed that the tablet is actually shipped by UPS from the state and need to cross the border, I keep wondering do I have to pay the brokerage fee and duties as usually needed when dealing with UPS package from the state. 

Since the shipping took almost a week despite the 2 days shipping claim, so I have plenty of time to find out this puzzle on Internet. It is commonly reported by other who bought the Nexus 7 in local stores that they thought the brokerage fee and duties are unavoidable, but interestingly, I don’t see a single post or thread that saying how much people has paid for these charges if ever UPS charged. And from my own experience, the UPS guy was happily hanging over my package without a second delay. No brokerage fee or duties paid. 

4 thoughts on “Ordering Google Nexus 7 to Canada, brokerage fee and duties to UPS?

  1. A colleague received his Nexus 7 a couple of weeks ago, by UPS, shipped from the US to our location near Montreal. There were no UPS brokerage fees added.

    Did you pay fees?

    I suspect the fees were negotiated by Google with UPS to be included, perhaps:?

  2. Hey I ordered a Nexus 10 from google. I was wondering about the brokerage fees, so I called Google and they said there will be no additional charges or brokerage fee. But when I call UPS, they keep saying there WILL be.

    Do you know the most probable answer?


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