How to deter wasp bee in your garden,naturally!

First, if there is a wasp nest near your house, call an extermination company to get rid of it, do not do it yourself unless you are taking strict precautions and protections as wasp can be very defensive and wasp stings can cause serious medical problems or even death. 

Otherwise, there are a couple of things we can do to prevent wasp coming.

1. Removing any food sources: Any food leftover in your patio or yard will attract wasps, especially in spring and early summer who feed on protein. Look for pet food, picnic scraps, loosely covered garbage bins or compost piles. While in late summer and early fall, wasps are attracted by sweet, which means open cans of coke, fruite juice, even fallen apples from your fruit tree.

2. Avoid wearing bright color clothing: If you wear big floral print or bright color like a “flower”, a curios wasp may come for nectar.

3. No perfume wearing: Strong scent especially like floral smell attract wasp too.

4. Making a trap: A simple plastic bottle trap with soap/ dish detergent is a environmental friendly way to reduce wasp population. Setting the trap out in early spring is considered as the most effective time since these early seasoned wasp are usually queens. Again, the bait should be protein based food during spring and early summer and switched to sweet food like jam in late summer. However, it is important to empty the trap frequently, especially when you are collecting a few wasp a day, it should be emptied daily then. If you don’t want to accidentally killed the honeybee as well, add some vinegar into your trap ,this way can discourage any honeybee entering the trap for water.



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