Can you really earn some money from online survey?

One way I found can save me some pocket money is doing online survey. Out of many I have signed up to, only two sites really give me   reward points that really can redeem usual products or services. I am not going to disclose the names of those that I found not useful, but some survey companies rewards you chances to their lucky draw or with points that are so little, take you forever to redeem some useful things. By saying useful, I really mean something you are already using in daily life, like Startbucks card, Hertz,  Shell car wash, hotel points etc.

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Needle felting a cat using cat hair

Inspired by the book Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat, I am using my cat’s hair to try out this interesting needle felting technique. The book is fun to read even though you don’t plan to needle felt anything, it contains step-by-step instructions to projects with various difficulties, like small tote bag, book cover and drawing. Today I am trying out the little puppet that shown in the book cover, took me an hour from start to finish, excluding brushing your cat and collecting the necessary tools. I got my felt needle and some extra cashmere (like the white color) from Etsy.

After 3 or 4 steps, the puppet is almost done.

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Copper foiled stained glass – 3 Beginner projects

After a year and half of learning stained glass through a community workshop, I am showcasing my three beginner pieces using copper foiled techniques. The first two pieces have the same pattern but used different color and texture glass for practising purpose. The third one is a window panal for a side window along a stair.  Enjoy the photos!

Case for Google Nexus 7

I have been waiting for Google releasing the official case for Nexus 7 in Canada for months but seems they are not going to sell it here. So my tablet is basically caseless with no protection if I bring it on the go. Those cases selling in Indigo or Chapters for Kindle Fire are actually a good size to the Nexus 7 but comes with a stiff price (like $30) and a not so attractive look.

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