Starting my Microsoft AI learning journey

Just a record of me that today I start my journey in self-learning AI.

First-day lesson: Free sign up

Applications of AI: help blind people “see the world” using computer vision (Apps: Seeing AI) and help farmers adapt to climate change in their farming routine by machine learning (Apps: Yields); I guess incorporating knowledge mining (e.g. Azure cognitive search may be helpful too.

anomaly detection and natural language processing (e.g. Starship Commander)

I find the learning module that discusses the challenges and risks of AI, as well as its responsible usage, to be particularly intriguing.

The 6 principles of responsible usage: Fairness (e.g. non-bias loan model regardless of ethnicity, gender etc), reliability and safety (e.g. cause no harm to humans life), privacy and security (e.g. data origin & lineage, data use external or internal), inclusiveness (e.g. bring benefits to all parts of society), transparency (e.g. understandable model and limitation), and accountability (e.g. facial recognization systems meet ethical and legal standards).

My commitment: 1 hr daily in watching/reading the website and taking notes here on the fly.

My expectations for the first month of learning are: Understand the basic of AI and get a slightly more precise idea of what Azure is. In the meantime, I want to brush up on my writing skills.